multichannel sound installation

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goldberg-ellipse is a sound installation of 32 small
loudspeakers, arranged in a circle such that one can walk
around. every two adjacent speakers play back one variation of bach's
goldberg cycle, totalling 32 movements. the stereo sound pr ojection
of each variation uses crosstalk-cancellation, such that a certain
spat ial impression opens to the listener who is optimally placed
towards the respect ive speaker pair, while for other listeners the
playback is not dominating.

the goldberg cycle is moving along the circle, loudspeaker pair by
loudspeaker p air, movement by movement, in multiple simultaneous
tracks. the listener may fol low them, or let them pass.

the music was recorded using a multichannel electronic concert organ,
which exte nds the means of interpretation in the timbral as well as
in the spatial domain.  these qualities are reflected in
post-production and transformed for crosstalk- cancelled sound

e-organ: gunther rost
installation, recording, post-production: martin rumori

insonic 2015 – asthetics of spatial audio in sound, music and sound art
november 2015, zkm | zentrum für kunst und medientechnologie, karlsruhe/germany

orgelfrühling festival, may 2015
house of music and music drama, university of music and performing arts, graz/austria