martine's dream
radiophonic composition by dirk specht and martin rumori

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] martinesdream_metalayer.png 61K multichannel algorithmic montage of meta-layer in martine's dream

radiophonic composition, 49:53 (2013)
wdr köln (western german broadcasting cologne)
studio akustische kunst, editor: markus heuger
debut broadcast: november 15, 2013, 23:05–24:00, wdr 3

the starting point for the composition of martine's dream is a
ribbon tape from the 1970s found in a private archive: a young woman
tells a dream, shortly after having waken up. the dream refers to
motifs of a conspiracy story, which the dreamer is involved with and
of which she is afraid to become a victim. apart from such narrative
fragments, the recording also documents circumstances of its orign: a
private everyday situation, questions of her already awaken partner,
the surrounding space.

between 2011 and 2013, we conducted interviews with the same woman
about the dream, without her listening to the original tape again. the
interviews concentrated on the dream itself, but also on memories
around life at that time and real incidents, which the protagonist
connects to the dream retrospectively.

in the composition, all recordings, the original tape and the more
recent interviews, are interwoven. on one hand, the montage consists
of residues of a memory theatre without attempting to reconstruct it
but to use them for generating basic material. on the other hand, the
piece is formed by structural sonic reflections such as differing
qualities of the voice, by accentuating real and imaginary spaces and
by an algorithmically supported montage of materials.