binaural audio augmented environment

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parisflâneur is an interactive sound environment using
binaural rendering and head tracking.  seven invisible but audible
"hats" are arranged in the virtual space which the listeners
can find by approaching, turning and listening.  the hats contain
different sound situations recorded in the city of paris.  by ducking,
the listeners can put on a specific hat, which lets them leave the
virtual auditory scene and fully fade into the binaural recording.  by
ducking again, the hat can be put off again and remains at its new
position in the virtual space.

parisflâneur has been exhibited and investigated within the klangräume
research project (2013–2015).  special emphasis was put on the evaluation
and the further development of interaction models and binaural synthesis
strategies in the installation.

47. internationale ferienkurse für neue musik,
august 2015, darmstadt/germany

klangräume project exhibitions, april 2014/march 2015/may 2015
house of music and music drama, university of music and performing arts, graz/austria
esc im labor gallery, graz/austria

related publications:

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