alltagsstimmen judenburg
sound installations

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] alltagju.jpg 195K sound sculpture at atelier kaserngasse [SND] alltagju_excerpt.mp3 17M alltagsstimmen judenburg audio excerpt (12:42, without crosstalk cancellation) [IMG] alltagju_kaserngasse.jpg 275K alltagsstimmen judenburg at atelier kaserngasse [IMG] alltagju_puchmuseum.jpg 265K alltagsstimmen judenburg at puchmuseum [IMG] alltagju_zboard.png 154K printed circuit board layout [   ] alltagju_zschematics.pdf 1.3M schematics diagramme [   ] alltagju_zzpcb.fzz 76K fritzing project file of printed circuit board

alltagsstimmen judenburg interweaves narrative fragments
collected from people in judenburg with environmental sounds of the
city and around.  the sound elements focus on everyday life anecdotes,
memories or local topics and their interdependencies.  the pool of
sounds is automatically arranged to compositions following algorithmic
principles, which are presented via sound sculptures at different
places in the city of judenburg.  by means of crosstalk-cancelled
binaural sound projection, the listeners' conceptual involvement,
especially in the case of local people, is augmented by spatial
immersion.  in case there is no listener for some time, the
installation falls back to a mode omitting vocal elements, solely
colourising the space using subtle environmental sound situations.

the sound sculptures of alltagsstimmen judenburg are based on
custom made electronics, which contain a programmable embedded audio
player, a passive infrared sensor and simple amplification circuitry.

alltagsstimmen judenburg has been conceived during an artistic
residency in july and august 2012, supported by the city of judenburg.
it has been presented in the gallery space atelier kaserngasse
as part of the residency artists' exhibition at judenburger
sommer 2012.  since september 2012, alltagsstimmen
judenburg is permanently presented at puch museum judenburg.

many thanks to all participating voices.  special thanks to heinz
mitteregger, jimmy karner, wolfgang spekner and the cultural office of

a multichannel sound environment adaptation along with the original
installation has been presented during impuls academy, february 2013,
at mumuth ligeti hall of the university of music and performing arts,