field-recording improvisation series

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martim-pescador (portuguese kingfisher) is a series of
improvisations using widely unprocessed field recordings. their
character is mostly static, their montage follows sonic, narrative or
thematic aspects.  a certain emphasis is put on spatial
superimpositions and transitions.  the control interface is being
redesigned for each improvisation and incorporates random or
algorithmic elements.  martim-pescador improvisations remain
undocumented in order to end after having taken place.

martim-pescador #7, february 11, 2016:	kulturzentrum bei den minoriten, imcubus, graz/austria
					(as part of die freuden der jagd with ulrich schlotmann and sebastian kiefer)
martim-pescador [#6], june 5, 2015:	kulturzentrum bei den minoriten, großer minoritensaal, graz/austria
					(martim-pescador meets useless machine by david pirrò)
martim-pescador #5, january 30, 2015:	academy of media arts, cologne/germany, nocturne 60
					(as part of a performance with franziska windisch)
martim-pescador #4, may 17, 2014:	spazio bocciofila, giudecca, venezia/italy
martim-pescador #3, august 8, 2014:	47. internationale ferienkurse für neue musik, darmstadt/germany
martim-pescador #2, september 21, 2013:	forum stadtpark, graz/austria
martim-pescador #1, september 12, 2013:	esc im labor gallery, graz/austria