the institute of sonic epistemologies
site-specific sound installation by ludwig zeller and martin rumori

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what if visual strategies would loose their dominance in scientific
statistics? what if blind people would catch-up with the non-blind in
a post-visual information society?

the institute of sonic epistemologies is based on a thought
experiment in terms of speculative design, which can be experienced by
listening only. the visitors may dive into the fictional narration by
means of five headphones provided in space.

binaural audio tracks reconstruct the acoustics of the exhibition
space based on measurements. different elements of the scenery such as
speakers, sonifications or background noise are spatially embedded,
partially corresponding to visual objects. to the listeners, the
boundaries between real and simulated spaces are blurred. the
deconstructed auditory perception may support the somewhat sinister
narration of the installation.

‘the institute of sonic epistemologies focuses on tactile and
acoustic analysis methods with a focus on both application orientation
and practice-based foundational research. we project quantifiable and
high-dimensional problems to acoustic models for the purpose of data
exploration and analysis. our specialisation lies in the detective’s
art of recognising correlations in complex data sets that purely
visual or automatic approaches usually fail to detect. our academic
core context is design and media studies, but we have many
interferences with economics, math, engineering, physics and the
digital humanities. we are standing in front of our event space where
currently a workshop with external students is running. we can have a
quick look, if we are quiet. shall we go?’

april 20–22, 2016, hek haus der elektronischen künste, basel/switzerland

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